I am interested in and able to teach undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in management, strategy, “big data” analytics, social networks, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and negotiations.

Please see below for a list of courses which I taught either as a sole lecturer or a teaching assistant.

Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

As a sole lecturer

  • MO300: Behavioral Theory in Management (BBA core class; 86 students), 2013

As a co-instructor

  • 2016 ICOS Big Data Summer Camp (More info)

As a TA

  • EMBA634: Negotiations (Executive MBA, Dr. Sue Ashford), 2016
  • MO637: Social Intraprenuership (MBA elective, Dr. Jerry Davis & Mr. Christopher White, special TA to teach social network analysis), 2014-16
  • Data Analysis with Python (Joint workshop between Center for Statistical Consultation and Research and Advanced Research Computing, Dr. Kerby Shedden, UM Statistics), 2013
  • MO503: Leading People and Organizations (MBA core, Dr. Maxim Sytch), 2012
  • WMBA612: Negotiations  (Weekend MBA core, Dr. Shirli Kopelman & Dr. Cynthia Wang), 2012
  • MO593: Human Behavior and Organizations (Global MBA core, Dr. Jerry Davis), 2011
  • Strategies for Sustainable Development (Global executive program, Dr. Andy Hoffman), 2011

Academy of Management

As an Organizer

  • 2016: Regular PDW on “Big Data” Research with MINIMAL Programming Background (More info)
  • 2015 & 2016: OMT Cafe on “Big Data” Research with MINIMAL Programming Background (2015 info2016 info)

Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

As a TA

  • 2010: Statistics for Management (Global MBA core, in English); Institutions and Organizations (in English); Sociological Theory
  • 2009: Social Change and Economic Development (graduate-level); Introduction to Sociology (in English)
  • 2008: Market and Organizations (graduate-level); Market and Society; Social Research Workshop